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Wheel Building for British Classics



Motorcycle safety and performance are affected greatly by the wheels and tyres.  When wheel building you can be nothing less than perfectionist, as so much is dependant on them. A badly trued wheel will make road handling unpredictable at best and at the worst downright dangerous.  Corroded spokes are a hazard, as are damaged rims. On a more superficial level the general look of a bike is affected by the condition of it's wheels.

We offer a swift and reasonably priced service. Please ring or email us for prices- there are many differences in the cost of having a wheel restored based on condition of your wheel and your preferences in materials and manufacturers and the extent of work that is required. 
We can give you a full breakdown of cost and advice if needed


new spokes, new rim and hub re-paint

before restoration

We specialise in building  wheels mainly for Classic British bikes.  The greatest care is taken whether it is a complete wheel rebuild or just trueing your wheel.  We realise the importance a well built wheel has on road handling performance as well as looks.

Our rims are British chrome, alloy flanged, alloy smooth, or stainless steel. All spokes are stainless steel with brass nickel plated nipples. 

The hub is checked, cleaned and polished or re –painted, depending on type, before the wheel is laced, trued. tyre fitted and  balanced.

We can supply and fit Dunlop and Avon tyres.

Please contact us for prices and availability 

Important note
If you are thinking of having a wheel makeover then you must take measurements first before removing any spokes yourself - it is much better to leave the wheel in it's entire state then we can take the measurements ourselves and also assess any damage.  If you wish to strip the wheel and restore the hub yourself, please measure the distance in height from the brake drum flange to the highest point on the rim edge (put a straight edge accross the brake drum flange to the rim and measure the gap between the straight edge and the rim if any).