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Monty At Terry Hobbs circa1985

and in 2009

Terry Hobbs circa 86

I have been riding British Classics since 1974 when as a young marine posted in Malta I acquired my first bike - a T100R Daytona.  On leaving the Marines I was determined to work with Brititsh motorcycles and so took a mechanics course then went to work with Terry Hobbs at his shop and workshop in Plymouth. 
I spent over ten years learning my trade by working alongside Terry restoring and repairing a variety of bikes, some of which have been included in Classic Bike magazine and have won awards.  As well as working in the workshop I ran the busy spares section of the shop. 
Upon leaving Terry's I realised my ambition to start my own business in Plymouth and have spent many successful years, restoring,repairing and supplying parts for classic British motorcycles, offering a friendly and helpful service to my customers - many have become regulars over the years. 

My wife Ann shares my passion for British classics and works alongside me in the business.  She has been riding British bikes since her early twenties, at present she has a much loved 1966 Tiger 100SS also a 1953 5T speedtwin bobber and has just acquired a 1952 Triumph Trophy TR5 which she has been after for years. 

The Workshop at Tavistock, Devon
Ann 1983 (C15 project underway)
Ann 2010 no change there- but I tend not to work barefoot anymore!

I have been in the trade for over forty years. I work mainly on Triumph, BSA and Norton (Tribsa's and Tritons also included) but also British four strokes in general. 
Although I started off in mainly restorations and repairs the supply of spares is now a large part of my business.  I still do a lot of engine and gearbox rebuilding. 

Working on these machines every day for the last 40 years has given me a lot of knowledge that some other purely spares dealers may or may not have.  In the workshop I only fit tried and tested quality spares and so am better able to  advise which part is most suitable for your project. 

and after restoration

My main area of experience is four stroke machines from the 1950's to the 1980's, though recent acquisition of a much longed for 1939 Tiger 100 has sparked an extension to my range.  The Tiger is in oily rag condition  and will remain that way, being maintained but not restored in this case, I want to preserve this particular machine with all the signs of its history, and anyway, it looks great and runs well as it is. 
My other modes of transport are a 1960 A10 Rocket, a T140 and other various classics, a modern Hinkley 2012 Tiger Explorer which I use for longer journeys and trips abroad. I have recently bought one of the new 961 Norton Commandos which I'm currently having a great deal of fun on. I support the British motorcycle industry wholeheartedly and riding these bikes makes me optimistic of it's future.  Though I do appreciate the performance of the modern machines I equally enjoy the different experience of riding our old bikes.

1939 Tiger 100 out and about


The Tigers at the Barbican Plymouth

Our new premises and Roley the pup